New Music

The music of Giovanni Santos is artistically authentic, with depth of character.  Santos’ music is full of love, charm, wit, energy, purpose, soul and drive – possessing a voice that is refreshing, and uniquely Giovanni. The experience of preparing, collaborating with, and presenting Giovanni Santos’ music has been an enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyable journey from first measure to last measure, first rehearsal to final performance!

Dr. Gregory X. Whitmore

Director of Instrumental Music – Irvine Valley College School of the Arts

Music Director – Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble 


INFO: Buy in= $100

Performance rights through Dec. 2020

PDF Score and Parts by April 1, Name of director and institution on score.


To sign up, simply send me a follow up email (or questions) to or sign-up directly at


A GIANT Thanks to these wonderful institutions and their respective ensembles/directors for already signing up!

Clemson University, Texas Tech University, Michigan State University, Baylor University, Wake Forest University, University of Portland, Sam Houston State University, Penn State University, University of Illinois, and Augustana College!

Feel free to contact Gio for information regarding new commissions for your group.