New Music

The music of Giovanni Santos is artistically authentic, with depth of character.  Santos’ music is full of love, charm, wit, energy, purpose, soul and drive – possessing a voice that is refreshing, and uniquely Giovanni. The experience of preparing, collaborating with, and presenting Giovanni Santos’ music has been an enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyable journey from first measure to last measure, first rehearsal to final performance!

Dr. Gregory X. Whitmore

Director of Instrumental Music – Irvine Valley College School of the Arts

Music Director – Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble 

3 Latin American Dances

Consortium Sign-Up

A 3-movement work for wind ensemble dedicated to immigrants looking for a better life, honoring the sacrifices these families make for future generations.

Each movement takes place in a different country and region (Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Mexico).

*Consortium fee: $350 per institution.

Sound samples of the work in progress:

*ca. 9 minutes long total, medium advanced to advanced, completed by Dec. 10, 2019. Please fill out the following form if interested.

Sketches for Two Horns

Info coming soon

A giant thank you to the following supporters for the fun commissions!

Bismarck State College, John Darling

Bridgewater College, Christine Carrillo

California State University, Fullerton, Marc Dickey & Dustin Barr

California State University, San Bernardino, Nicholas Bratcher

Cathedral City High School, Matthew Howe

Colony High School, Matt Matthews

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Jim Johnson

Elon University, Melody Causby

Henderson State University, Steven M. Knight

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Timothy A. Paul

James Enoch High School, Phil Vallejo

La Sierra Academy, Jason Coffey

Loma Linda Academy, Craig Mohr

Mayfair High School, Thomas W. Philips,

Mountain View High School, Jason Kneebone & Anna Linde

New Berlin Community Band, Lansing Dimon

Norwalk High School, Doris Doyon

Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble, Gregory X. Whitmore

Palm Desert High School, N. Guy Lake

Riverside Polytechnic High School, Arwen Hernandez,

Sacred Heart University, Keith Johnston

Sam Houston State University, Brian Gibbs

Santa Clara Vanguard, Charles Frost

Simi Valley High School, Matthew J. Smith

Schurr High School, Antonio Castro

St. Olaf College, Timothy Mahr

United State Naval Academy Band Brass Ensemble

University of California, Los Angeles, Gordon Henderson

University of Central Florida, Scott Lubaroff and Tremon Kizer

University of Florida, John M. Watkins, Jr.

University of Southern California, H. Robert Reynolds

University of Texas, El Paso, Andrew Hunter

Wake Forest University, Kevin Bowen

Washington and Lee University, Chris Dobbins

William Jewell College, Langston Hemenway

Windsor High School, Bryan Williams