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*Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble 

*Medium-Advanced to Advanced

*Duration: 15 minutes

*Wind ensemble instrumentation

*Delivered via PDF on May 24, 2022 (for 2022-2023 performances/premieres)

*Premiere performance rights until June 2023. 

*Score delivery (PDF) upon consortium payment


*$500 upon delivery, May 24 per institution

*Please note: We understand that many budgets are frozen due to financial restrictions. Gio is more than willing to work with you, including delayed payment. Invoices and receipts upon request.


Saxophone Concerto Consortium Payment


The music of Giovanni Santos is artistically authentic, with depth of character. Santos’ music is full of love, charm, wit, energy, purpose, soul and drive – possessing a voice that is refreshing, and uniquely Giovanni. The experience of preparing, collaborating with, and presenting Giovanni Santos’ music has been an enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyable journey from first measure to last measure, first rehearsal to final performance!

Dr. Gregory X. Whitmore

Cal State Fullerton

Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble, Director

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