Voyagesfor Solo Trumpet and Brass Ensemble. Premiered at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts by the United States Naval Academy Band Brass, Matt Harriman (solo).                       $40 Pdf score and parts                                                           

2 Miniaturesfor flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone. For the MaskFest International New Music Festival, Republic of San Marino. Dedicated to Prof. H. Robert Reynolds. Two short movements describing my kids, David and Gianna.                                                                         $20, Pdf score and parts. 


Large Ensemble

Monte Titanofor wind ensemble, premiered at the ForFest International New Music Festival, Czech Republic.                                                                                                                              $50, pdf score and parts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Fanfarriafor wind ensemble, premiered by Dr. Gregory X. Whitmore and the Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Commissioned via a consortium of schools. This work, dedicated to my wife Tanya, is music reflecting the life of a migrant. An older immigrant watches and listens to a parade of bands from a high-rise building. The different bands in the parade represent his life of struggle, doubt, and celebration. Duration 6:30 minutes. PDF score availble for $10. Parts available in May 2019.   

Blue Dances, for wind ensemble, commissioned by a consortium of schools. Dedicated to the beautiful people of Puerto Rico. Duration 5:30 minutes. PDF score available for $10. Parts available in May 2019. 

The Annapolis Fanfare for Wind Ensemble, commissioned by a consortium of schools. Dedicated to the military musician. Close to 3 minutes long. $50 for score and parts (pdf)





Payments for these works can be made via PayPal, Please contact me for more info. More recordings coming soon.