Dolores, AmeriCan: Symphony for Band


Dolores, AmeriCan: Symphony for Ba

PDF Parts and Score 4 mvts This work was composed and dedicated to American civil rights hero, Dolores Huerta. Dolores, AmeriCan: Symphony for Band was commissioned by Dr. Saul Torres and the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley Wind Ensemble for their premiere performance at the Texas Music Educators Association meeting in San Antonio, 2023. Born in Dawson, New Mexico (1930), Dolores Huerta lives a life of service as an organizer and activist. A hero to many, she has fought for women’s rights and liberation, non-violence, immigrant rights, underserved communities, among many other causes. In 2012, President Obama awarded Dolores with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian recognition in the United States. A trailblazer for social justice, alongside Cesar Chavez, she founded the National Farm Workers Association (1962). Despite ethnic and gender discrimination, Dolores Huerta is one of the most influential civil rights activists of the 20th century and continues to be an example of service and good will. Most of this wok is inspired by a documentary dedicated to Ms. Huerta and produced in 2017. The documentary is biographical in nature. The first movement was inspired by a sentiment felt by many immigrants in the United States. Many feel the sense of not being American enough, partly because of the color of their skin, their last name, or their country of origin. Dolores, in an interview, expressed this same sentiment. The movement explores these feelings with strong harmonic textures and energy, and by quoting the Star Spangled Banner. In this same interview, she was asked what her interests were, outside of her current activism. She mentioned that she loved to dance. The second movement highlights her enthusiasm for dance, music, movement and creativity. Dolores lives a life of service, a life dedicated to her fight for equity, striving to provide opportunities for power to be given to the powerless. The third movement provides a soundtrack to these efforts. ¡Sí Se Puede! is the popular quote that Ms. Huerta coined to help encourage and inspire a community of organizers, workers and civil rights activitists. This phrase, “yes we can,” has inspired a nation to fight for equality and equity. The final movement, with rhythmic hints of this popular phrase, also serves as a bold sountrack, paying homage to her efforts. Ms. Huerta, our world is better because of you. Thank you!.


Timba for wind ensemble

Timba for Wind Enemble

Premiered by the Allen High School Wind Ensemble at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. Grade 5, 4 minutes long with room for vamping and improvisation. The music of Cuba is diverse, electric, transformative, soulful, elegant and energetic. Highly influenced by its African and European roots, Cuban music celebrates the soul and ingenuity of a nation. Timba sets to celebrate the rich musical traditions of Cuba, starting and ending in the Bembé style. The work also celebrates the Cuban timba, a genre of music rooting from the son and salsa. Music unites us, it elevates us. Music liberates us! PDF Parts and Score


Danzas for Wind Orchestra

Danzas for Wind Orchestra

(ca. 12 minutes, ADVANCED, PDF Parts) Danzas takes a journey through the colorful and unique musical traditions in Cuban folklore. Heavily influenced by Afro-Cuban heritage and diaspora, this work sets to celebrate and honor its rich music history. This collage of styles starts its tribute with a musical tradition that began in West Africa and migrated to Cuba, the Bembé. The Bembé is tranditionally in 6/8 and was introduced to the world by the Yorùbá people. This work quickly travels through other important folkloric fusions, such as the songo, a section inspired by colonial Cuba, and a dream-like son, or song and hints of fusion rhumba. This work is dedicated to my Cuban grandparents, Ireneo and Onelia Santos. Danzas was premiered by the Florida State Wind Orchestra and conducted by the composer, Giovanni Santos.


Passionately Curious (wind ensemble version)

For 6 Trumpets and Wind Ensemble (advanced), PDF


Miniatures for Chamber Wind Ensemble


Miniatures is a suite of ten short works for wind and percussion. Each movement tells a story or creates a mood. Each one of these little vignettes is dedicated to special people in my life, a source of great inspiration and gratitude. (2020) *PDF set


It is our light…

Composed and dedicated to Teresa Moura.


Frank’s Roller Coaster (beginning band)

Frank’s Roller Coaster

For Beginning Band (PDF)


Second Circle for Wind Ensemble

Second Circle Audio


Fanfarria for Wind Ensemble

PDF Score and Parts



Aphelion for Chamber Winds

Aphelion for Chamber Winds

for Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Tuba, Piano, Marimba, Snare drum. Substitute parts upon request.


Blue Dances for Wind Ensemble

PDF Score and Parts


Blue Dances

3 Latin American Dances for wind ensemble

PDF Score and Parts


La Moto (Dominican Republic)
Lamento Cubano
El Zape (Mexico)

BOOM! for brass ensemble and percussion

PDF Score and Parts



David’s Big Green Caboose for wind ensemble

PDF Score and Parts


David’s Big Green Caboose

Joy is a Bird for wind ensemble

PDF Score and Parts


Joy is a Bird

Fanfara by Turini

4 trumpets in Bb and tenor drum



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